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Get a matching 5"X8" black coil spiral notebook with 150 lined pages. The image on the front is of a colorful, image of the cover of the book, Luda and Chairsy, and glitter in the background. The top text reads, "Yepilalala!" and above the image is text, "Name:" and below the image is text, "Grade:" with an orange background.

Enjoy a fun set of matching waterproof stickers to be used how you want.

• [2] 3"X3" Yepilalala stickers (white background)
• [2] 3"X3" (or 3"X1.5" in half) The weirder, the better stickers (white background)
• [2] 2"x2" Let's play together stickers (white background)
These are durable stickers that can be used on a wheelchair, notebook, or car.

Book Blurb

Luda is excited to make friends in a new city! She can't wait to make silly faces and play outside. But when the other kids make fun of her wheelchair, Chairsy, Luda feels discouraged to play with them. Will she ever be able to make new friends?

These accessories were inspired by the kids book, Luda and Chairsy: Making Friends, written by Luda Gogolushko and illustrated by Kevin Nordstrom, which can be found at includas.com, or on this site as an autographed book purchase.

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