Autographed Luda & Chairsy: Making Friends

Autographed Luda & Chairsy: Making Friends

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Get a Luda & Chairsy: Making Friends children's book autographed by author, Luda Gogolushko. If you've already bought a copy of the book, you can buy an autographed bookplate to put inside of your already purchased book.

To have the book personalized to you, add the item to your Cart. After you're done shopping and you get to the Shipping address section, in the "Company (optional)" section, type in "Attn:" followed by the name you'd like the autograph to be customized to, as such: "Attn: Jane".

If you leave the "Company (optional)" area blank, the book will simply come with the author's autograph and not personalized to any specific name.

Book dimensions are 8" X 10".

Book Blurb

Luda is excited to make friends in a new city! She can't wait to make silly faces and play outside. But when the other kids make fun of her wheelchair, Chairsy, Luda feels discouraged to play with them. Will she ever be able to make new friends?

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