Autographed June 9th by Emha Paperback

Autographed June 9th by Emha Paperback

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One man's touch melts her. Another man's touch burns her. Which touch will she fall in love with?

Get an autographed June 9th romance novel by the author. You can even get it personalized with your name! If you've already bought a copy of the book, you can purchase an autographed book plate to put inside of your already purchased book.

To have the book personalized to you, add the item to your Cart. After you're done shopping and you get to the Shipping address section, in the "Company (optional)" location, type in "Attn:" followed by the name you'd like the autograph to be customized to, as such: "Attn: Jane". If you leave the "Company (optional)" area blank, the book will simply come with the author's autograph and not personalized to any specific name.

Book Blurb:

Being touched by men has haunted studious college student, Lacey Shyver, her entire life. That is why she focuses on science rather than boys—rolling in her wheelchair to the beat of astronomy, math, and physics. Until, one simple touch from drummer, Blake Nivey, opens her up to things she never knew existed. Every time Blake’s fingers sweep down her shoulder, she wants more. Could he be the one to save her? Or is he the biggest nightmare of them all—trapping her in his own games and lies? Because the harder she falls for him, the more she needs him to save her. Whatever the truth is, she must figure it out before it’s too late. Because once June 9th begins, it will never end.

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