Kendra’s Perfect Dance Routine


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Get Kendra’s Perfect Dance Routine, a children’s book by author, Kendra Gottsleben, illustrated by Carrie Lee Bass. The story features a main character with a disability and is written by someone who has MPS VI. If you’ve already bought a copy of the book, you can buy an autographed bookplate to put inside of your already purchased book.

Book dimensions are 8″ X 10″.

Book Blurb

Kendra is excited to perform at the dance recital! She works hard on her dance poses, but she is not as perfect as her friends. Even when she follows their every move, her dancing feels wonky and stiff. How can Kendra’s routine become perfect in time for the recital?

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Buy a disability inclusive kid's book about dancing. Kendra's Perfect Dance Routine by author, Kendra Gottsleben, who has MPS, a rare disease, just like the character.